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Trauma Response Services

Trauma Response Services is a full Critical Incident Stress response service.  Dr. Renee Christenson has dedicated her life to serve those who need help in critical situations.  

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Company Peer Trauma Programs and Training

TRS will build an individualized Critical Trauma Response plan and program to fit your companies needs.  Contact us for more information on Trauma response programs and Life Coaching services. 

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Trauma Response Services

Additional Information

Trauma Response Services
DRChristensen inc. Renee Christensen, Ph.D., CEAP, SAP, CISM

What is Critical Incident Stress Management?
The "classic" CISM model was developed by Dr. Jeffrey Mitchell of the University of Maryland for use with emergency services personnel and promulgated by the American Critical Incident Stress Foundation, which was founded in 1989 (the name was changed to the "International Critical Incident Stress Foundation" in 1991 to reflect the expansion of the model beyond US boundaries). Initially developed for firefighters, paramedics and police officers, the use of the Mitchell Model has been expanded for use in natural disasters, school-based incidents, and a variety of other settings, including, in recent years, the U.S. military and survivors of terrorist acts.

What is a Critical Incident?
A Critical Incident is defined here as a workplace event which is extraordinary in nature with the expectation of producing significant reactions on the part of victims or those either directly or indirectly impacted. Who can be affected? Witnesses, employees, colleagues, clients and/or family members all can be affected and can create risk.  

Why offer a Debriefing?
The purpose of the debriefing is to take the active memories of the event and store them into long term memory.  After a traumatic event our minds work to bring “closure” to the incident.  Until closure is reached our minds continue to run a memory track of the event in hopes of making the incident make sense and be logical.  We continue to “turn over” the situation and review it until our minds feel satisfied that it “now makes sense.”  A major consequence of a traumatic event is that the person feels that order and control in their life has been lost.  The brain keeps turning over the sequence of events to regain order and control. In a debriefing a trained person helps the individuals understand the event, their lack of ability to control situations and then to store the incident into long term memory.  Not all situations or persons need a debriefing, but for those persons who continue to not sleep, have anger issues emerge, or continue have difficulty in focusing attention a debriefing may prevent Post Traumatic Stress.


  • To decrease the company’s exposure
  • To provide means for emotional expression by individuals involved in the event
  • To decrease distressing symptoms and prevent onset of PTSD
  • To assimilate the traumatic experience
  • To regain/increase capacity for self-control
  • To reduce the focus of the event in the daily lives of survivors
  • To provide emotional support/enhance group cohesion
  • To dispel myths and reduce self-blame
  • To restore adaptive levels of trust
  • To restore capacity for emotional response
  • To alleviate disabling fears and anxieties caused by the trauma
  • To provide structure and stability
  • To prepare for physical and psychological symptoms that may follow
  • To inform individuals about stress, stress reactions and survival methods
  • To promote appropriate and realistic problem-solving
  • To assess individual coping skills & make referrals if necessary
  • To identify and access additional resources or support systems
  • To arrange for effective follow-up
  • To obtain closure  

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The information on this Web site is presented for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for informed medical advice or training. Do not use this information to diagnose or treat a mental health problem without consulting a qualified health or mental health care provider. 

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Dr. Renee Christensen, Ph.D., CEAP, SAP, CISM


   Dr. Christensen has 32 plus years experience in the areas of Critical Incident Debriefing Management and Organizational Development.  

     Her multiple degrees include a Ph.D. and Masters in Industrial Management, Ph.D. in Naturopathy and a B.S. in Industrial Psychology.  She holds training and organizational development certifications with Franklin Covey and Teleometrics International, as an Employee Assistance Professional, Critical Incident Stress Debriefer, Workplace Violence Specialist, and Substance Abuse Professional along with being an Honored Professional of the National Who’s Who of Executives and Professionals.  

     Dr. Christensen has owned or managed businesses since 1982 and is considered a leading expert in the arenas of training and critical incident stress debriefings.  

     She has been active in the critical incident/trauma environments, creating a specialized program for dealing with the operators of bus and rail for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority where treatment and cisd’s were restructured and there by lowered the workers compensation related cost by greater than 50%.  

     Following 911 Dr. Christensen was the back up CISD provider for American Airlines at LAX and the primary CISM for Long Beach and Orange County airports. In addition to these scenarios, Dr. Christensen has worked closely with paramedic agencies, the Orange County Sheriff’s department and multiple elementary and junior high school districts in Southern California as well as banking and restaurant businesses nationwide.


Ph.D. Industrial Management

Ph.D. Naturopathy: N.D.

Masters of Science in Industrial Management

Bachelors In Science in Industrial Psychology, Minor in Finance.


1.Franklin Covey Trainer (4 Roles of Leadership and 7 Habits)

2.Teleometrics International Trainer

3.Employee Assistance Professional 

4.Critical Incident Stress Debriefer 

5.Honored Professional of the National Who’s Who of Executives and Professionals.

6.Workplace Violence/Trauma Specialist 

7.Substance Abuse Professional

Shelly Hudelson,ACC, CATP, AMT, Trauma Defuser/Debriefer


ACC Coach, Trauma Debriefer/Defuser, EMT-P

  Shelly is an ACC Life Coach with 28 years of EMS experience.  With a background in Labor Management and Human Resources she uses her experience with Trauma, people and Life coaching to bring a specialized approach to the programs offered.  Whether it's one on one life coaching, online coaching, debriefing or producing an individualized corporate program TRS excels in its field.    


*Certified Life Coach and Graduate of Coaching Cognition Academy (CCA is a training program approved by the International Coach Federation)

*Member of ICF International and ICF San Diego

*Certified Trauma Debriefer/Defuser

*EMT-P State of California

*Certificate in Human Resource Management University of San Marcos

*AS in Para-medicine

*Certificate in Child Adult Trauma Professional

*Anger Management Treatment certification 

*Reiki Master Teacher

*2nd Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do ATA